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"Thanks to the entire staff of Atlas Spinal Care! I was lucky enough to have all of the amazing doctors - Drs. Jonathon, Tara, and Phil as well as their lovely massage therapist Jolene - work on me and help me get to where I am today. I walked into their office with chronic headaches and persistent neck pain and left finally feeling relieved, off of medications, and stable for once in several years. Their attention to detail, careful thought processing, and fun humor made the entire experience worth it. So thanks to each and every member of the team. I finally have relief! THANKS!!! :)"


"I was involved in two motor vehicle accidents 5 months from each other. Both gave severe pain to my head, neck, shoulder blades, lower back and right knee.

The first accident was in October of 2012. I saw four Chiropractors and one Massage Therapist. There was no change to my pain and I felt I was not progressing very well. I could not turn my neck to the left and I had a very large lump to my right shoulder blade. I was in a ton of pain, I had headaches every day and I was not getting better.

My second motor vehicle accident was in March of 2013. I was still seeing the fourth Chiropractor and one Massage Therapist. I also saw Two Physical Therapists and my Primary Care Physic an. By this time, I still could not turn my head to the left and had all the same medical issues. I now had new medical issues. I had a large lump to my left shoulder blade, I could not lift my left arm above my head, my left neck and shoulder became one unit (I lost my neck), I could not swallow without feeling like something was in the way, I would bite the inside of my left cheek, I had ribs out, I have carpal tunnel in both hands, trigger finger to left hand, lower back pain and right knee swelled up and would not bend. My head ached every single day with burning and throbbing to my shoulder blades and sides of my arms. I could not go down to the floor without holding onto something due to my knee.

By this time, I was getting worse not better. I changed Chiropractors and Massage Therapist and let go both Physical Therapists. I went to rebound orthopedics and met with Dr. Kafourni and his medical team. They took Mri's of my neck, shoulders and knee and also did a nerve study.

I was told I would need surgery on both wrists due to nerve impingement and surgery to my left hand due to tripper finger. I also had tears to my right knee. Dr. Kafrouni referred me to Atlas Spinal Care and Physical Therapy 360. He felt these two specialties were unique and could help with my recover.

By this time, I had little trust in medical Doctors. I did not believe I needed surgery or that another Chiropractor and Physical Therapist would help when I had already been to seven, I gave it another try.

Before coming to Drs. Jonathan and Tara Douglas, I saw five Chiropractors, two Physical Therapists two Massage Therapists and my Primary Medical Doctor.

Atlas Spinal Care was very different from any one of the Chiropractors I had seen before. They perform an exam, then take x-rays and send you home with an appointment for the next day. The next day you go over the x-rays, get treated then take more x-rays and come back the next day. One the third day they know how your body reacted to treatment. They explain their treatment program, you get treated and go home and prepare for your future visits. What is unique in their approach to treatments is they do not manually adjust you unless needed. They use this devise called an activator and many other Medical tools in their treatment rooms. It is the most pain free way to treat the body. I couldn't understand why I felt my head was falling off after previous Chiropractors and why I felt these manual treatments weren't working. In fact, as soon as I left the other Chiropractors offices, I was either worse or didn't feel any change at all.

I could tell within just a few months, I was getting better with Drs. Jonathan and Tara Douglas.

As I write this letter, I am sitting deep into my chair. I have no burning or throbbing, my hands are not falling asleep, I have little trigger finger or little headache. I can turn my head and neck to the left, my lumps in my shoulder blades are close to gone and my knee bends again. I never thought I could get this close to where I was before my two motor vehicle accidents.

Before going to Atlas Spinal Care, I was a total mess. I was facing three surgeries, lost all mobility in my upper regions and my pleasures in life were short due to severe debilitation pain. I know I am still recovering and have no idea how much time it will take. Time I am willing to spend with Drs. Jonathan and Tara. They have brought me back to life and I can smile again.

One of your Biggest Fans,"

Tarin L. Efstathioy

"Long time no see! Maybe you'll remember me. Sadly I never gave up on the wrestling passion that you told me to give up on numerous times with my visits. I am currently attending my first year at Simon Fraser University NCAA DII (Burnaby, Canada) and on the wrestling team roster looking to be on the starting line-up as a 141 pounder. Why am I sending you this? Today is Canadian thanksgiving and one thing I was truly greatful for in my high school wrestling career was a phenomenal chiropractor. I honestly have no idea what I would've done had I not had work done on my back during the wrestling season. It was a HUGE relief. My college career will definitely have something missing without you guys. Again, thank you guys.

P.S. I'm enrolled in SFU's Health Sciences faculty. I've been thinking about possibly pursuing chiropractics as a career. If you have any tips, which I know you're a man full of them, please send them my way!"

"Dr. Tara,

I cannot express how thankful I am for having been referred to your practice. Over the past 4 plus years, I had been receiving facet-joint injections in my neck (C2-3, C3-4, C4-5) to relieve pain caused by pinched nerves from a herniated and two degenerative disks. The constant nerve pain was causing excruciating migraines. Prior to these injections, the migraines would last 2-3 days and occurred, on average, four times per month. The injections would last just shy of 6 months. Well, September 10th was the last series of injections I have undergone since beginning treatment at Atlas Spinal Care on March 5th. That’s over 8 months ago! Having my atlas adjusted, along with regular follow up appointments, has made all the difference in the world! I am so thankful to have found you and your treatment, as I was beginning to worry about continuing injections through the remainder of my life span, as the only, albeit temporary, cure. And as a true test to this success story, I have taken two flights to/from New York and two to Arizona without setting off a firestorm in my neck, as experienced in the past.

You and your staff are the best!"


"Thank you Dr’s Jonathon and Tara! What you have done for me is given me back a quality of life I hadn’t felt in decades. Dealing with years of complete misery…headaches, back and neck pain, struggling to endure – so tired all the time, no sleep, feeling irritable and edgy every waking hour of my life, brought absolute depression and a complete lack of desire to do anything. From the moment I entered your office, I felt like you really cared about trying to make me feel better – and you really listened to me. I felt unbelievable relief after the first visit. Leaving shocked because for the first time in years, I felt like my body could breathe and I felt a sense of relaxation my body hadn’t felt in years… I wondered “where have you been all my life”?! Thank you for your continued care! And you have such a wonderful staff! I truly thank you for giving me a life where I can now enjoy even the simple everyday pleasures I had missed for so many years! P.S., Woof from my 4-legged furry companions! They thank you as well, they are much happier now that their owner can take them on much needed regular play days and runs!"


"My first visit to Atlas was about three months ago. I arrived with a bad attitude and a fear of having my neck permanently injured or broken. I had failed to visit a chiropractor because I thought even if they were skilled, I could not relax enough to let them adjust my body. I was wrong.

I have suffered with migraines since high school. I am now thirty five. I never knew what the cause of the problem was, but I did know that with stress the migraines got worse. The nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and trouble focusing was so frustrating. I just wanted to get things done and enjoy life. A few years ago my doctor put me on topamax. This was used on a daily basis as a preventative medication. It helped cut down the frequency and intensity of the migraines, but they still came, usually lasting at least a few days and sometimes a week or longer.

When I arrived at Atlas, I was ready to take what I thought was a risk. After the first visit I was no longer scared, but curious. There were no manual adjustments to my neck. Instead a small click, no more than a retractable pen, pushed right behind my ear. How would the tiny click of this tool really help years of suffering? The truth is, it’s not magic, simply science. The doctors work to correct your spinal misalignment. These last three months have been extremely stressful, but yet WITHOUT MIGRAINES. I am still in shock at the success, but more than that am grateful to the doctors who finally had a solution!

P.S. The doctors, Tara and Jonathon, are wonderful. They not only help you feel better physically but are also very positive, pleasant and upbeat. Visiting there office is like catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee, except without the coffee and with an adjustment. Thanks again!!!"


"In 18 yrs I've had 2 pain free days and that has been since my treatment here at Atlas Spinal Care! The spasms have been dramatically reduced, mobility in my neck has increased to where I don't have blind spots when riding!! Fatigue is not a daily basis and my endurance has increased for the benefit of quality family time! Atlas Spinal Care has changed my life!

Thank you Thank you!!!"

"I am an RN who has had back problems for years! When I came to Atlas I was ready to try anything... I am shocked and amazed at how much better I feel. Thank you Tara and Jonathon"


"After having a 45 pound box fall directly on top of my head, I experienced extreme neck pain and a constant, severe headache. I began seeing a traditional chiropractor for a month and was not feeling any improvement neck mobility or a decrease in the severity of my headaches. I was referred to Atlas Spinal Care. After three office visits, the intensity of my headache pain decreased dramatically . For the first time in six weeks, I was able to sleep through the night without waking due to a headache . Within two weeks my headaches were no longer lasting all day, I was experiencing shorter and less painful headaches. To feel significant improvement in a short time period is nearly unbelievable."


"In 1992 I had a low back fusion at level L4 L5 and recovered by 1994. Sadly, in 2001 I returned to chronic hip and back pain and became extremely ill. Over the next 8 years I was passed around from Specialist to Specialist. During this time I saw a 4 hip Specialists, 6 back surgeons, an Osteopathic Dr, several Chiropractors, about 12 Physical Therapists, and an Infectious Disease Specialist. I also came within 3 days of having a hip replacement surgery that I did not need! During these 8 years I lost my life, lived in chronic pain and suffered from terrible anxiety, depression and feelings of complete hopelessness. Not a single Doctor was able to correctly diagnose me. Whenever I would make a slight recovered I would crash back down again. It was a nightmare.In 2009 my excellent Myofascia Masseur Rien Purvis sent me to see Dr Jonathon and Tara Douglas at Atlas Spinal Care in Vancouver WA. At that time I was unable to walk more than 5 mins, and could not stand or sit for very long. I was also on heavy narcotic pain killers. Dr Douglas x-rayed my entire spine - made a diagnosis, formed a plan and said that he felt he could get me well within 4 - 6 months. It has been an amazing experience to feel myself gaining strength as the pain has steadily decreased. With regular x-ray assessments of recovery, the diagnostic/treatment techniques in the Orthogonist system that Drs. Douglas practice are very impressive. Drs Tara and Jonathon's practice is also very kind, calm and well designed - they go above and beyond the call when the patient is in crisis. They inspire confidence and hope. I am now walking for an hour every day. I am able to sit and stand and I no longer take narcotic pain killers. I have started yoga and I am making plans to travel for the first time in 8 years! It is a miracle that, after so long, I have my life back.

Thanks you soooo much."

Vanessa, Camas WA

"I first came to Atlas Spinal Care when I was potentially facing having oral surgery. After taking my intial radiographs and talking with the staff, we believed we tracked down the root of my jaw problems to a car wreck I was in several years ago. We started my first allignment the same day. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first that just by adjusting my neck that it would be a "cure all"... I can now say that both Jonathon and Tara have been miracle workers!

I had been plagued wth chronic migraines and headaches for several years, to the point of having nearly a headache a day. It has now been over 60 days since my last headache (which is life changing, for those of you who suffer from headaches)! That aside, the team at Atlas Spinal Care is not only the friendliest and most caring staff you'll find, I officially do not have to have surgery! I could go on for hours for what they've done for me and how they've changed my life, but to sum it up... they're absolute miracle workers and I would recommend them in a heart beat!"

Chelsie, Vancouver


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